"I had always been skeptical about outside billers. I had some bad personal experiences myself as well as heard many horror stories. Meeting Marina changed my mind. I met Marina at a point where my office manager was supposedly handling my billing and we had not gotten paid a penny for months. We did not even have a decent super bill. Marina truly changed everything and organized and turned my office around within the first week! She truly is a hands on medical biller and very easy to talk to. Her advance billing software allows us to keep track of what she bills and collects. Using electronic billing and submitting rejected claims in a timely manner is just some of the advantages of working with her. At last but not least, she understands that her income depends on our income and that is a strong motivation factor for her. I truly believe that her services will be an asset to any practice."
Dr. Medhi Saghafi, Advance Urgent Medical Group, Inc.

"I love working with Marina and her staff at MariAnn Medical Billing Service and would recommend her to any practice. Before I hired Marina to handle my billing I had a biller who hid claims she did not understand and thus cost me over $150k. Marina came right in a processed those stale claims and we started receiving payments within two weeks! After having Marina come in a take over my billing completely I have a continuous cash flow. She also provides me with monthly A/R reports provided by her web-based practice management system. In addition, I am also able to see in real-time if my claims are truly being submitted within 1 to 5 days."
Dr. Gopal Chaturvedi, Chaturvedi Physical Therapy Enterprises, Inc.

"I enthusiastically endorse MariAnn Medical Billing Service for their medical billing services and follow-up. Their service is prompt and they are always available to answer your inquiries. I have been impressed with the professionalism and rapid response to problem solving. I was having many billing and follow-up problems before I hired this service and now see a complete turn around! I am completely satisfied and should have hired MariAnn Medical Billing Service years ago!"
Elizabeth J. Covington, MD, Inc. Center4Health Medical Group