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Do you know what your current total days in accounts receivable is? For each payer?

Do you know what you we’re supposed to collect - - and collect it?

Are cash controls in place to ensure that all your money is accounted for?

Do you have procedures in place for denials and appeals?

We have the MAP and the LIGHT to help you pull it all together!

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Billing Facts

  • Up to 24 cents out of every dollar (or in excess of $6 billion annually) are wasted on administrative and billing cost.
  • The average doctor has more than $150,000 in outstanding accounts receivables.
  • Coding errors cost doctors over $6 billion annually.
  • Only 70% of all insurance claims initially submitted on paper are ever paid by insurance carriers.
  • Six billion insurance claims are filed each year or around 500 million claims per month.