Dr. Drowning Don

"I love being a doctor and helping people;
I just wish I didn’t have to be bothered with all of this paperwork!"

Are you a Dr. Drowning Don?

As a Dr. Drowning Don, you are a Doctor who has been in business for a while but you currently have a biller who doesn’t quite know what they are doing or your biller up and quit and left you a trail of unfiled or denied claims. Whatever the case, you’re the one stuck trying to figure it all out. You realize that without claims being filed timely and accurately and steady continuous cash flow coming in, overhead expenses cannot be met and your practice will face disastrous financial difficulties.

What your issues tend to be?

You’re super passionate about what you do and you so badly want to create a successful practice but right now cash flow is an issue for you, one that is creating some stress in your life and sometimes requiring you to work very long hours trying to make the “business” part of your practice work. You chose a career in medical services because you wanted to help people; however you find yourself inundated with paperwork related to insurance claims, patient billing, and patient records.

What you need most right now?

Your primary focus needs to be on streamlining your processes immediately, getting your claims filed within 1 to 5 days to ensure continuous cash flow, and then have a way of monitoring the results!

The MariAnn Medical Billing Services you need most:

  1. MMB’s step-by-step system to help you pull it all together!
  2. You will save money, time and make your life better with these services!
  3. CALL TODAY! We HAVE the MAP and the LIGHT!

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