Frequently Asked Questions

Will my claims really get paid faster?
Absolutely! Electronic claims are always processed before paper claims, and because of the electronic tracking methods in place, the insurance companies cannot claim they never received your claims. Your claims can settle with money in your account in as little as 7 days!
How fast will I know if the claims have been accepted?
You will know that the insurance companies have accepted your claims within 24 hours. You can also check the status of your claims in real-time 24 / 7 on the Internet.
Will I be able to know at all times what claims have been filed?
You will be given a detailed verification report that will show what claims have been transmitted and when.
Will I have to have expensive equipment and software?
No. All you need is a computer with a current web browser. You’ll use the internet to see what our specialized software is doing on your behalf, including:
  • Data entry of new patients
  • Posting of charges and payments
  • Statement mailing status

Do I have to turn over all of my billing to MariAnn Medical Billing at once?
No. MariAnn Medical Billing Service will work with your office in a manner that best suits the needs of your practice! If you find that you would prefer to send us a portion of your accounts (for example difficult accounts, claims needing appeals, accounts for a certain payer, etc), we will be happy to make suitable arrangements. We are also prepared to take on all of your billing needs without any delay.
How will I know if MariAnn Medical Billing Service is really doing a good job?
We are always available to discuss progress towards our mutual goal of increased revenue. We meet with the physicians and selected staff monthly to review the prior month’s report package, which provides an excellent picture of the practice’s billings and collections. The most important report in the package will be the aging of accounts receivable report; which will show exactly how we are doing! This will be our report card! Other reports include: practice analysis, and patient and insurance outstanding detail. We can provide reports for your specific needs, custom reports are available to practices that require them.
Will my patient charts ever have to leave my office?
Absolutely not! If there is any information our billing specialist needs, they would contact your office and request it by email, fax or phone. Only information that is pertinent to filing the claim is necessary. All patient information is kept in the strictest of confidence and is only used for billing purposes.
So what exactly does the billing specialist need from our office to file the claims electronically?
We will need a copy of the super bill for services performed, a copy of the patient registration form, and a copy of the insurance card front and back. If MariAnn Medical Billing Service is going to perform full accounting of payments as well, then we will need a copy of the EOB so we can properly post payments.
I do not have a formal superbill. Can one be designed for my needs?
Yes. MariAnn Medical Billing Service can even put the form on two part NCR paper so your office will not have to make copies of them. The same can be done for a patient registration form.
What happens if the claim is rejected or paid wrong?
Your billing specialist will challenge any and all rejections and will do prompt follow up on any problems.

What are the liabilities involved in using an outside service?
At MariAnn Medical Billing Service, we are HIPPA conscience and HIPPA certified. We take every precaution to ensure the quality and security of handling your billing needs. Our software system also exceeds all the guidelines stipulated in HIPAA.
How will the information needed to file a claim get from my office to MariAnn Medical Billing Service?
Because each office’s needs vary, we customize how information is transmitted, whether electronically, by courier or another means.
What would my office staff be responsible for?
Your office staff will be able to continually concentrate on increasing patient care and follow up on the status of all the patients who come through your practice. With this kind of care, your patients will become great word of mouth referral sources for you.
Do you handle patient billing inquiries? What are your hours of operation? Patients complained that my last billing company did not return phone calls
Our phone number is listed on all patient statements for patients to call with any questions or concerns regarding their bill. They will call us, not your office, Monday thru Friday, 8:30 — 4:30. We can even provide your patients with a toll free number if needed. MariAnn Medical Billing Service has no automated attendant. A real person answers your call — When a patient calls, we handle the call immediately!
What kind of payment arrangements are there for MariAnn Medical Billing service?
No fees will be taken "off the top" for our services. You will receive regular statements from us detailing service rendered as well as our fees, as agreed upon at the initiation of our contract.